Big AHA indeed ايوي أحا

AHA is an abbreviation of "I do truly object" in arabic yet it's currently used in Egyptian slang as WTF/Are you kidding me 😯👍🏾 

This 3 letters word has history, it dates back to the 1100's when Egyptian people took to the streets to object the socio-economic situation. The regime band the word, the aristocracy/the elite stopped using the word, and it became a taboo throughout the generations, yet the workers, labours, and the general people kept using it. It survived but somehow lost its true meaning and became what it is in the slang right now WTF to express happy and angry.

A word of protest and power became a word you don't dare say infront of your parents or a sign of disrespect yet used by the minute and loved by most.

In my opinion it's the best most expressive word available. #handsdown

I Malak truly object/AHA أحَّا
▪️the status quo,
▪️violence against women,
▪️minimum wage,
▪️hydro fees,
▪️police brutality,
▪️interests fees on loans,
▪️women are not paid equally,
▪️And lots more
And this is why my first collection was AHA
An objection statement to all the injustice around us.

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