Why #365iqraa?

I honestly didn't plan for this at all. I got the idea 2-3 nights before new year's eve. I love reading but I am struggling to make it a daily habit. All of sudden it popped into my head "why not commit online to reading everyday 10pages minimum. :D" I didn't think of the full picture that much, I said to myself " Well I want to read the Quran, anatomy book, 3-5 Arabic books OMG I am set yes let's do it." I asked my beloved husband to snap a photo of me wearing "IQRAA" hoodie to announce the challenge on instagram and commit. 

Well it is a commitment indeed!! It's day 4 and I am already feeling the heat, pressure, and stress lol, despite all this I am loving it! I am learning a lot already! Building a connection between MalWear and my teaching is wonderful. I am finally able to fuse both my passions somehow :) 

the process is intense, very informative, and educational. this is bringing me back slowly but surely to working mode after the holidays, giving structure to my day! As a freelancer working from home is tricky, it's easy to slip and sway away from getting your work done. In addition, Reece is a great attention seeker. It is not easy to get anything done when she's awake LoL (we have a kitty) she is naughty and super active :D

So far so good. I am happy I ventured into this endeavour. Fancy joining? You can anytime! 

Rules are simple: 

  1. Read min 10pages daily (topics that interest you) 
  2. share a summary in a post/story whatever 
  3. use #365iqraa  

Yallah, Let's feed our brains! 


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