Libya: a perfect example of how the west will never leave the Middle East alone!

Revolution occured, a united front governmebt was formed and acknowledged by the world.
5 years and counting non stop attempts to undermine this govt and reverse the revolution just like what happened in Egypt. 

The Americans sent haftar back to Libya once Qaddafi was done, France decided to back him up cos France economy is bad as well as Egypt, UAE and Saudi  (the evil trio) 

Egypt: supplies soldiers along with American weapons collected in Egypt military factories. 
UAE: provides money and weapons
Russia: entered the game to supply mercenaries and more money. Syria' for Russia. 

Where are the so called arabic leaders? Muslim leaders? World leaders who have been watching the unsuccessful coup attempts? Nothing at all. Everyone waiting for this coup to succeed in order not to have a new Libya. 

Of course the agreement between Turkey and Libya is upsetting everyone. This agreement ruins Israel-Greece-Cyprus plans to build a pipeline to europe. This TurkoLibyan agreement redraws the Mediterranean borders between both countries hence Israeli pipeline will have to pass by Turkish waters! (Will discuss this topic in a separate post) 

Based on this agreement Turkey can provide military  support to Libya if they request which just happened and Turkish parliament approved the request. Turkish troops are on Libyan soil. The only country/govt standing by the legal Libyain govt in this vicious war is Turkey.

Only then did we hear a word from the dying organism called the Arabs.

Latest massacre, UAE and Egypt massacred 30 students in the university while standing in a queue!!! Where is the world? Busy with new sanctions and games to start a new war... 

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