AHAA (Pronounced A heavy h a) originally means I do truly object - إني حقا أعترض

It's an objection statement, still used as one in the current Egyptian slang but with a twist ;) The same way you use "Are you kidding me/WTF/Shit" to express excitement or objection. 

It dates back to around the 1100's. A time where the Egyptians used it to protest the socio-economic situation. The regime banned the use of the word at the time and somehow it lost its true meaning. The word use became a taboo within the Aristocrats and the elites of Egyptian society. Somehow throughout the centuries it lost its true meaning, and became a mixed sign of emotion expression of all sorts in street talk, unpolished talk, unacceptable talk infront of your parents... 

I love it tbh one of my favourite words. it's the best, most expressive word 100% 

AHA racism 

AHA violence against women 

AHA minimum wage

AHA delivery fees in hydro bill (canada only?)

AHA pass the joint 

AHA wassup 

AHA covid19 

AHA interests rates on student loans

AHA interest fees 

AHA used all the time in Egypt lol Honestly What not to object to around us right now?